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Space Shooter Classic Galaga’88 Joins the Arcade Archives

Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Yet another classic shooter has been entered into Hamster’s Arcade Archives: Galaga’88.

Out not for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4, this is a digital only release that brings Namco’s classic shooter to a whole new audience… 36 years after it brought Namco’s classic shooter to a whole new audience…!

(The original Galaga has already been added to the Arcade Archives.)

Released in 1987, Galaga’88 revived the classic 1981 Galaga in a flashy new cabinet, challenging the player to cross dimensions and reach the planet Galaga to end the war.

While the earlier version allowed two fighters to be linked (after one was kidnapped and rescued), Galaga’88 enables you to combat the enemy with a triple fighter. That’s three linked fighters!

(If you’re new to Galaga, that means sacrificing a fighter – and a life – to a specific type of alien craft that is equipped with a tractor beam. It also means shooting that craft at the right time; get it wrong, and you lose the extra fighter.)

As is the case with Arcade Archives releases, Galaga’88 combines faithful reproduction of an arcade classic with enhancements such as adjusting game difficulty, tweaking display settings to match the original CRT display of the arcade cabinetm abd even the option to compete against players from around the world.

You can pick up Galaga’88 from the Nintendo eShop (£6.29) and the Sony PlayStation Store (£5.79).

Find out more on Hamster’s Arcade Archives website.

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