New Simon the Sorcerer game announced

Simon the Sorcerer revived for new adventure

Last Updated on March 22, 2024

It’s cold outside, but we’re never gonna give him up…

Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf) and Rick Astley (Rick Rollin’) are both involved with the new Simon the Sorcerer game.

Announced this week, Simon the Sorcerer Origins is being developed by the Italian Smallthing Studios. It is approved by the original creators Simon and Mike Woodroffe, and slated for release on console platforms and PC. You should be able to buy it later in 2024.

Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf, Spitting Image, The Brittas Empire, Tomb Raider) returns to voice Simon the Sorcerer. Meanwhile, Rick Astley’s “Together Forever” is included in the game’s soundtrack (the rest of which is by Mason Fisher).

Like you, we don’t know why.

The original Simon the Sorcerer point-and-click game from Adventure Soft was released on the Amiga and MS-DOS PCs in 1993, later appearing on Amiga CD32, RISC OS (Acorn Archimedes), Android, iOS, and Windows.

A sequel followed in 1995 with several more follow-ups, spin-offs, and even a cancelled game over the intervening years. The first three Simon the Sorcerer games can be found on

Featuring the work of 80 professionals and boasting 15,000 hand-drawn frames, the new game looks visually stunning. However, the eagle-eyed among you will notice that there is no indication as to whether this new Simon the Sorcerer is a point-and-click game, or if some other game mechanic is in use.

As you may know, the recent Return to Monkey Island featured point-and-click, so there is every chance that the new Simon the Sorcerer game will too.

Watch out for release details for Simon the Sorcerer Origins, which we will bring you as soon as they are announced.

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