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SIGIL II: John Romero’s New DOOM 30th Anniversary Episode [UPDATED]

Last Updated on December 11, 2023

Get 9 new levels for original DOOM with the SIGIL II WAD pack, coming soon from John Romero.

It is almost 30 years since DOOM redefined gaming. On December 10th, 2023, the game’s designer John Romero is releasing a new episode. SIGIL II will feature nine standard levels and two deathmatch levels, and come in digital and physical editions.

SIGIL II will be available as for just $6.66 (what else) if you just want the digital only version. This gives you:

  • Full nine-level SIGIL II WAD + 2 Deathmatch levels
  • Custom music soundtrack by Thorr
  • Custom MIDI soundtrack by James Paddock
  • Readme.txt

Currently, only the USB physical edition can also be bought (the 3.5- and 5.25-inch floppies have sold out). This “shotgun shell” SIGIL II USB edition is signed and features:

  • Custom SIGIL II Big Box
  • SIGIL II cover poster (A3)
  • Romero Games full-size cinch bag
  • Sticker sheet with five stickers
  • Shotgun glitter sticker
  • SIGIL II disk pin
  • SIGIL II Gates of Hell heavy superpin
  • Extra code for full SIGIL II WAD with music via email
  • Shotgun Shell USB
    • SIGIL II nine-level WAD
    • Making of SIGIL II video
    • Making of SIGIL II story by David L Craddock
    • SIGIL II original soundtrack by Thorr
    • SIGIL II original MIDI soundtrack by James Paddock
    • Readme.txt

Both items are available to pre-order now direct from John Romero’s website. And you can watch him working on the game (and doing other stuff) on Romero’s Twitch channel.

Update: SIGIL II now available

You can now grab the download-only WAD files for SIGIL II from John Romero’s website for free.

The free SIGIL II Megawad doesn’t include the new soundtrack or other features, but is a compact 2MB downlaod that you can play in DOOM or GZDOOM.

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