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Sensible Soccer Feature in Retro Gamer #250

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Fans of the greatest football video game of all time (no, the other one) will be delighted to learn that Retro Gamer #250 has a lovely feature on the history of Sensible Soccer.

Launching back in 1992 with a cover image of Dutch legend Ruud Gullit, the game redefined arcade football on computers. Up to that point, Kick Off 2 and Manchester United: Europe were the main soccer games on the Amiga – at that point THE home computer. Both titles (or variations thereof) were also available on the SNES and SEGA Mega Drive.

The secret to Sensible Soccer is its simplicity, reducing shooting, passing, tackling, and heading into a single fire button, depending on context. So, things like whether your player is in possession of the ball, proximity to other players, and whether you long or short tapped the button would determine the action.

And the game had plenty of that! To learn more about Sensible Software progressed from MicroProse Soccer (not a bad game itself) to Sensible Soccer (and beyond), pick up Retro Gamer #250.

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