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SEGA Surveys Fans on a Potential New Mini Console

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Before the take off of handheld consoles, it was only fair to provide a smaller portable system that you can take anywhere with you. Although major gaming companies have faded these little projects away to focus on their newer systems, SEGA is looking to give it a go again!

A digital survey was distributed to gamers who purchased the Mega Drive Mini 2 asking what Sega system they would like to see a mini console version of next (via @gosokkyu on Twitter). Choices include the Saturn, Dreamcast and a third version of the Mega Drive Mini.

Which classic Sega hardware replica would you like to see next? (select multiple)

-SG-1000/1000 II
-Mark III/Master System
-MD Mini 3
-Game Gear Micro pt.2
-non-Micro Game Gear
-arcade a la Astro City Mini
-other (specify)
-not particularly interested

The last we heard of a new mini there was the recent release of the second Mega Drive Mini / Genesis in limited stock globally. Earlier this year, Yosuke Okunari, Sega’s classic hardware producer, discussed considering mini versions of the Dreamcast and Saturn. However, due to the pandemic manufacturing costs were an issue at the time, being a “difficult and expensive process.”

With this in mind, it seems likely that a Master System, Game Gear, or Saturn would be the more practical outcome for aa future mini console…

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