SEGA Powered magazine 6

SEGA Powered Magazine Issue 6 Available to Order Now

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

A new issue of SEGA Powered magazine is now available to order, and is subtitled “the Virtua Issue” – for quite obvious reasons.

Aside from that smart front cover, the magazine includes a multi-page feature on the Virtua series, fro 1992’s Virtua Racing to 2021’s Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, and attempting to cover everything between.

As if that wasn’t enough, the magazine is also jam-packed full of reviews and famous names.

  • Cracking feature with magazine legend, Jaz Rignall.
  • The second of our regular columns with another gaming legend, Dominik Diamond.
  • In-depth look at SEGA’s Japanese arcade scene.
  • A new Bomberman clone for the Dreamcast? Oh yes, and we’ve got the review.
  • Re-reviews of some proper gaming goodness, including the likes of Virtua Fighter 2, Power Stone, Castle of Illusion, FIFA International Soccer, Kolibri, and much more (as I believe the kids nowadays say).
  • Three pages of the latest homebrew/Indie news and interviews
  • Two Top 10 features, the latest SEGA-related news and… it’s hard, it’s a line (not really) it’s: The Hardline.

You can order your copy of SEGA Powered magazine issue 6 at The magazine is expected to ship from Wednesday, 12th October.

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