SEGA Powered #5 Is Out Now!

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

The new issue of SEGA Powered is out now.

But why should you buy it?

We regularly feature the latest news issues for Amiga Addict, but have missed several other great new  independent retro mags like SEGA Powered.

Well, that’s going to change. Now at issue 5, SEGA Powered is to SEGA consoles what Amiga Addict is to Amiga computers. They even go one better, and include a free cover CD for Dreamcast!

If that wasn’t enough, they’ve even managed to squeeze Dominik Diamond in there too.

Issue 5 features:

  • Did we mention a packed four-game playable Dreamcast demo CD?
  • The start of a brand-new monthly column with industry legend, Dominik Diamond
  • Brilliant competition to win a very rare special edition of Shadow Gangs
  • Huge Dreamcast feature covering the history, the games and the future of the console
  • Reviews of Sonic Origins, Shadow Gangs and Streets of Rage 4 on mobile
  • Re-reviews of some gaming classics, including Sonic Adventure, Rez, MSR (spot the Dreamcast theme yet?) and oodles more
  • Four-page feature on the coolest regional differences between games
  • Over three pages of the latest homebrew/Indie news and interviews

All of that will cost just £6.50, which seems like a bargain.

Learn more at!

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