SEGA Continues Migration of Retro Games on to the Switch Online Service

Last Updated on July 8, 2023

Following in the recent footsteps of Fire Emblem (GBA library), the Switch lineup sees the addition of two classic Zelda like Mega Drive RPG’s Landstalker and Crusader of Centy.

In Crusader of Centy (from Nextech and published by Atlus in 1995) you get to cut up invading monsters, fierce enemies and towering bosses, whilst exploring – aided by features including time travel, animal companions and sorcery. Also named Soleil in Europe and Ragnacenty in Japan, this top-down action game was difficult to get hold of, both expensive (still) and really only accessible on the SEGA Genesis Mini 2.

The lighthearted Landstalker, developed by Climax Entertainment and released in 1993, sees you naviagating isometric mazes and puzzles whilst treasure hunting in a fantastical realm, all whilst bearing the moniker Nigel the Forest Elf.

These two classics are also joined by platformer Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, a sequel of the notoriously difficult Capcom arcade game built for Genesis, and sidescroller ninja action game The Revenge of Shinobi, whereby you become Joe Musashi to fight off a criminal network in the first game in the series that they developed specifically for the Genesis.

All four are available in the SEGA Genesis library for subscribers to the Switch Online + Expansion Pack .

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