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ROM Hacker Infidelity Announces SNES Port of Metroid

Last Updated on September 15, 2023

A romhacker and games porter by the name of Infidelity has announced their next porting project. They have previously worked on porting titles to the SNES such as The Legend of Zelda, DuckTalesMega Man II, and Mega Man IV. Last week they had announced their next project after an initial hesitation to do so.

That next project is, in fact, a NES to SNES port of Metroid. Infidelity uses Hexadecimal and the Mesen2 debugger to port games onto SNES manually which can allow for further game enhancements for the audio, graphics and overall running performance.

Infidelity mentioned that they did not initially intend to port Metroid due to feeling as though Super Metroid was the “definitive way to play a Metroid game on the SNES”. However, after completing his Zelda porting project earlier in the year he felt “the itch” to do the same with Metroid as mentioned in a tweet.

Infidelity’s work can be supported on Patreon. What game would you like to see ported to the SNES?


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