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RIP Vintage Is the New Old [UPDATED]

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

(NOTE: This story has developed – see our latest update)

Websites come and go, but you wouldn’t expect a place dedicated to stuff of the past to shutdown. Yet that is exactly what happened to Vintage Is the New Old. The site – full of interesting articles on retro everything – decided to bring its activities to a close in mid July.

(I’m afraid I missed this at the time due to a trip abroad.)

Following some controversy over a competition result – seemingly caused by irate, entitled idiots – the team there has decided to shut up shop. Editor Paulo wrote:

I’ve considered this for a while, but it is time to move on. After nine years of blogging and publishing news, Vintage is the New Old will cease to exist. I am still uncertain if I will keep it online as ready-only until the end of my contract with the hosting provider or if I will shut it down soon, but what is certain is that ViTNO is done.

I’m no stranger to shutting down a website myself. Back in 2915 I parted ways with a site I’d started 10 years’ previously. I guarantee that despite being confident in his choice (and no doubt relieved) Paulo is finding this decision tough.

For now, the site stays online, so you can catch up on its various news items and features that Vintage Is the New Old previously published.

You can learn the full details of this website shutdown on the final VITNO blog post. I’ll miss them.

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