Retroid Pocket 3 Pre-order Date Announced, Spec Confirmed

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

If you fancy a portable retro gaming solution that can play PSP games and a lot more besides, the Retroid Pocket 3 is coming soon for an amazingly affordable $119.

The follow-up to the Retroid Pocket 2, this new portable console resembles the Nintendo Switch Lite, with improved controls, 720p output, improved heat dissipation, OTA updates, the latest retro game launchers, support for Android 11, anduchbmore

Retroid Pocket 3 Features:

  • 1*A75/3*A55 CPU; 2-3x performance gain from RP2
  • Support Android 11, 20%-30% performance gain from Android 9
  • Support 4.7 inch touch screen (16:9), 750×1334@60fps
  • Support 720p HDMI
  • Support 2GB+32GB/ 3GB+32GB eMCP
  • Improved controls with clickable analog sticks with L3/R3 enabled
  • Alternative dome switch or conductive rubber for DPAD and face button
  • Better build quality and better heat dissipation (Metal frame inside)
  • Built-in 4000mAh battery 
  • Built-in newest official game launcher and emulator frontend
  • Built-in official OTA support for incremental software upgrade

We suggest you take the time to check out some YouTube reviews before ordering, if only to get a good look at the real device. Some fan renders were presented as genuine by other websites recently, which may have left you with the wrong idea about the Retroid Pocket 3.

You can order your Retroid Pocket 3 now in whatever colour you like from the official Retroid Pocket website. Shipments start from August 20th.

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