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RetroFlag GPi Case – Raspberry Pi Zero Portable Retro Gaming Console

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

Using a Raspberry Pi for retro gaming usually limits how you play. You can sit in front of a monitor and load up your favourite classics, but sitting on a bus or in the park playing is a bit different.

One solution to this is a the RetroFlag GPi case, designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It’s a Gameboy-like case which can be bought with or without the Pi Zero.

Featuring a 2.8 inch 320×240 backlit LCD which is ideal for retro gaming, the GPi case has a D-Pad, four gaming buttons and Start and Select. It also gives you two shoulder buttons for the widest compatibility with classic gaming systems. The device is powered by three AA batteries, or direct from the mains or a power bank with a USB cable.

When I reviewed the RetroFlag GPi case (see the video above) I was seriously impressed with how the Raspberry Pi Zero is effortlessly integrated into the experience. Assembling the case with the Pi Zero took under half an hour, and thanks to the use of pogo pins, assembly is solder free.

If Raspberry Pi-powered mobile retro gaming is what you’re looking for, learn more at the Retroflag website, where you’ll also find details about the various retro gaming environments supported.

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