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Retro Titles Galore in GOG Winter Sale 2023

Last Updated on December 21, 2023

Looking for some retro PC games? The GOG Winter Sale 2023 is now in full swing, with an incredible 6000+ games from publishers current and classic. The chance to add some well known gaming series to your account for a massive discount should not be missed.

Meanwhile, read on to learn about some new titles added to the GOG store from a renowned publisher of long-lost classic titles…

Don’t miss out!

Meanwhile, in the GOG Winter market, you canclaim Lost Ruins, a retro console styled 2D side-scrolling survival action game, where you play as a young girl that has awoken in a strange and foreign place without her memories. Explore a dark and dangerous world, battle hideous monsters, and topple incredible bosses.

(This offer closes today, December 21st, so don’t miss it!)

The sale will last until January 4th, 2024.

SNEG adds SSI and Mindscape titles to GOG

As if the GOG Winter Sale 2023 wasn’t big enough news, further titles have been added to the platform courtesy of SNEG.

The publisher of games from SSI and Mindscape is adding:

  • Phantasie Memorial Set
  • Prophecy of the Shadow
  • Great Naval Battles: The Final Fury
  • Renegade: Battle for Jacob’s Star
  • Savage Warriors
  • Wargame Construction Set
  • Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!
  • Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 + Campaigns
  • Star Command
  • Warbreeds
  • SSI Classics Bundle

Not only are these titles newly added to GOG, they’ve also been given a place in the Winter Sale, with 15% discount on each title. Meanwhile, previously-added SSI and Mindscape titles have been given a 33% discount.

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