Retro Games Ltd Tease Upcoming Device!

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

What is Retro Games Ltd planning next? On numerous occasions over the past few months the team behind TheC64 Mini and TheA500 Mini have teased an upcoming device.

Various ideas have been suggested. Could it be a BBC Micro Mini or some other Acorn computer? Could it be a ZX Spectrum Mini or even a Dragon 32 Mini?

Well it looks as though we’re going to get an answer soon. In a Facebook post today Retro Games Ltd informed its community that announcement is imminent

Here’s what it said:

Yes, we know you guys are waiting on our next announcement… we are hopefully quite close to telling you more soon!

We just had to tie down the final included game list, and all being well moulds will be started in a few weeks…. Nearly there!

#retrogaming #Incoming2023

So what do you think? Will let you know what it is as soon as it is announced.

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