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Retro Games Ltd Confirms “Multiple Products” in Development

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

You’ve had TheC64 Mini, TheC64, TheVIC20, TheA500 Mini, and a cartridge of Evercade games. But what’s next from Retro Games Ltd?

In a new Facebook post, the RGL guys have teased a “staggered” set of releases that they describe as “the retrogaming imminent future!”

As we have a larger dev team now, we are working on multiple products in parallel (all be it staggered and in various stages of development from nearly ready to start manufacture to early dev) this week saw a new software demo to the wider team of not the pending product, not the one after that even, but the one which will be after that potentially.. we keep saying it but we really do mean it when we say we are only just getting started… this is not is just trying to hype you, this is the retrogaming imminent future!

But, what on earth is Retro Gaming Ltd talking about? Following RGL’s previous tease, we suggested:

  • A500 Maxi
  • ZX Spectrum mini
  • BBC Micro mini
  • Tiny Amstrad CPC 464
  • Atari ST mini
  • Dragon 32 mini

In reality, there is a good chance that any of those could be among (or all!) of the planned future products from Retro Games Ltd. We’re sure it will be exciting either way, and as ever, once we know, you’ll know.

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