Retro Gamer 250

Retro Gamer Celebrates Issue 250 With Rare’s Greatest Games

Last Updated on August 29, 2023

Many years ago I was browsing the shelves of my local Borders (remember them?) when I first stumbled across Retro Gamer. At the time, it seemed somewhat optimistic to launch a magazine about old games, particularly given how the “pixel look” was definitely out of vogue.

However, things have changed. I discovered the magazine about 2008 or so, by which point it had already been running four years. At first quarterly, by 2005 Retro Gamer was monthly, and owned by Imagine Publishing (later purchased by Future Plc.)

So, almost 20 years after launch, Retro Gamer hits a major milestone issue. You’ll be able to grab it in newsagents and supermarkets this week, and feast your eyes on a 32-page mini magazine of Rare’s best games. All the other usual features will be in there, too.

If you’ve never tried Retro Gamer before, this seems like a good issue to jump in.

Retro Gamer 250

While subscribers are receiving their copies as we speak, the 250th edition of Retro Gamer is in shops from Thursday, August 31st. If you subscribe to Readly, you’ll also find it available to read in the app on release.

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