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Resident Evil Gets the Text Adventure Treatment

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Small game creators and coders never cease to amaze us with turning beloved games into a completely different experience entirely! The very first Resident Evil title is one of these games.

Creator Mark Watson has reached out to the public via his social media for game testers to try out his new text-only version of Resident Evil. Luckily, previous experience of the game is not required. Mark has shared his email ( if anyone is interested.

The post also gave us a sneak peak at some of the gameplay text which reads:

‘You have made it into the mansion with Captain Wesker and Barry Burton,
“What a mansion!” Barry exclaims, admiring the tiled floor, wide
staircase, doric columns and high ceiling of the grand entrance hall.

You cross the floor, shoes clacking on the marble tiles. “Captain
Wesker, where’s Chris?” you ask – he hasn’t made it into the house! You
nove to the front door but Captain Wesker puts his arm out, “Stop it,
don’t open that door!” he shouts. The vicious dogs that killed Joseph
are baying for more blood on the other side of it.

Suddenly .. there is a gunshot! It comes from somewhere inside the
mansion, from behind the door to the west. “What is it?” asks Barry,
“Maybe it’s Chris,” Captain Wesker replies,

Captain Wesker delegates the investigation of the gunshot to you. Barry
volunteers to join you, saying “Chris is our old partner, you know.”

“Stay alert!” the captain warns..

The Main Hall.

(1) Door W [2] Front Door (3) Stairs [4] Door E (5) Door NE
Cllook Celxamine Cilnventory health : fine’.

Certainly a fun way to re-make a video game that encourages imagination for those who have never played the game!

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