Recalbox RGB HAT for Raspberry Pi

Recalbox RGB Dual Passes Target on First Day on Kickstarter

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

While not a complete surprise that it has been fully funded, the Recalbox RGB Dual has hit nearly five times its goal on the first day of Kickstarter.

But there is still plenty of time to back the Evercade RGB Kickstarter campaign and experience optimal retro gaming through a CRT display and a Raspberry Pi.

If you’re looking for a way to make your retro games look perfect on a CRT display, this is it. The Recalbox RGB Dual is a Raspberry Pi HAT that attaches to the Pi 3, 4, or 400. It’s key selling point is that it features SCART and VGA sockets for connecting the Pi to an old TV. It is designed to ensure compatibility with a maximum number of CRTs, and no additional power supply is required. If you use a Raspberry Pi 400, an optional extension cable can be ordered.

The newly-released Recalbox 8.0 is 100% optimised to support the Recalbox RGB Dual without any additional configuration. All you need to do is clip the Recalbox RGB Dual onto the Raspberry Pi, connect a SCART plug, boot up, and play.

Features of the Recalbox RGB Dual include:

  • Configuration chip to automatically configure the system.
  • Pixel factory video signal processing technique produces a razor-sharp image, compatible with all television sets.
  • The boom box filters both audio channels to smooth the sound signal.
  • A 12V signal produced by the Power up process automatically selects the correct TV channel
  • Automatic selection of the game’s original display mode
  • Recalbox configuration screen
  • 50Hz Mode for TVs not NTSC compatible<
  • 240p Recalbox theme optimised for CRT displays
  • …and much more

With most of its campaign left to run, you can back the Recalbox RGB Dual on Kickstarter from as little as €10 – about £8.55.

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