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Quake Prototype For Game Boy Advance Leaked Online

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

The idea that a Quake port for the Game Boy Advance should have even been attempted is barmy enough. The fact that not only was it attempted, it worked reasonably well, and is now available, is just crazy.

But here we are.

Created by Randy Linden, who was also behind the SNES port of DOOM (another unlikely conversion that shouldn’t have worked, but did), the unreleased Quake protoype was found stored on a 256M flash card.

Looking and feeling just like a Quake world, the game does miss original assets. This is due to this stage of the port being prior to id Software being asked for the assets. While a later build with the assets included is believed to exist, it has not yet been found.

Quake, of course, was unreleased on the GBA. Work on the game was ditched in favour of a game called Cyboid, developed by Linden when interest in the GBA began to subside. Cyboid looks and feels much like Quake, is available on Amazon Fire devices and Android, and is actively maintained.

You can download the Game Boy Advance version of Quake from Forest of Illusion. You can also learn more about Cyboid.

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