Chip's Challenge

Puzzle Classic Chip’s Challenge Hits Nintendo Switch

Last Updated on January 14, 2024

Attention puzzle enthusiasts! The legendary Chip’s Challenge is finally warping onto the Nintendo Switch on January 25th, 2024, ready to bend your brain and tickle your nostalgia. Prepare for over 140 levels of fiendishly clever challenges straight from 1989, brought to you by Pixel Games UK.

Take the Challenge as Chip

In Chip’s shoes, you’ll navigate intricate pixelated mazes, pushing blocks, dodging dangers, and collecting computer chips – your passport to next-level puzzlery. Melinda the Mental Marvel, mastermind of the exclusive Bit Busters club, holds the key to membership, but only for those who conquer her mind-bending trials.

Modern twists on a retro gem

This Switch edition isn’t just a pixelated flashback. Enjoy modern conveniences like:

  • 80s-style CRT filter: Bask in the glow of retro authenticity
  • Suspend points: Save your progress at key moments in each level, then jump back in later

Beyond Chip’s Challenge

For pixel-powered enthusiasts, Chip’s Challenge is just the latest gem unearthed by Pixel Games UK. They’ve brought classics like The Monty Mole Collection and Hidden Gems: Volume One to the Switch, and boast over 100 vintage titles resurrected for modern consoles. From Actua Soccer 2 to the genre-defining Rogue, they’re champions of gaming history. Learn more about them at

Ready to be Chip-Challenged? Mark your calendars for January 25th and prepare to warp into a world of retro puzzle perfection. With over 140 levels to conquer, only the sharpest minds will claim victory. Are you up for the challenge?

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