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PS Vita Games Can Now Run Natively on Nintendo Switch

It’s early days, but PS Vita games can now run on the Nintendo Switch thanks to a software mod. This is done not as emulation, but with a software translation layer. In short, PS Vita games run on a Nintendo Switch can be considered to be running natively.

This is courtesy of software called vita2hos which must be loaded onto a microSD card. Adding a simple script will force the Switch to run PS Vita homebrew software. Developer Sergi “Xerpi” Granell explains:

PlayStation Vita (ARMv7 CPU) executables can be run natively on Nintendo Switch ARMv8 CPU in 32-bit execution mode.

When loading a PlayStation Vita executable, vita2hos redirects the module imports of said executable to jump to routines that implement the same behavior, by using native Horizon OS services, like the one exposed by the original PlayStation Vita OS modules.

At this stage, there is limited 3D graphics support. Granell adds:

This is still in very early stages and therefore it can only run very simple CPU-rendered PlayStation Vita homebrews.

So, while you might be looking forward to playing some PS Vita classics like Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the Switch, this may be some way off at this stage. Learn more and grab your own copy of vita2hos from the project’s GitHub page.

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