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PS Vita Emulator, Vita3K, Is Now Available On Android

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Sony’s PS Vita is a handheld powerhouse that never seemed to reach the commercial highs of its predecessor, the PSP. In 2015, Sony announced they would cease developing 1st party titles for the console, effectively putting the Vita on life support.

Regardless of sales numbers, the PS Vita has a great library of games, and thanks to the power of emulation, you can try them out for yourself on your Android device! The Vita3K PS Vita emulator is the first of its kind and is off to a great start, already boasting a respectable list of working titles.

According to the Vita3K Website, the emulator is undergoing backend changes which will increase the list even further. Check the list of working Vita3K games.

The emulator isn’t available on the Google Play store and must be downloaded as an APK. Visit the Discord if you want to try it out yourself. Considering how powerful the Vita is, the emulator has reasonable requirements, and newer Android devices should be fine. With so many different Android devices, expect some teething problems. Hopefully, compatibility will improve if Vita3K continues to be supported.

We can theorize about the PS Vita’s failure until the cows come home, but those that own the console know it was a delightful little machine with tons of potential. It has a dedicated fanbase, and even though Sony may have Thanos snapped it out of existence, emulation will ensure its legacy lives on.

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