Polar Bear in Space

Polar Bear in Space for C64

Last Updated on May 29, 2024

Retro gaming publisher Psytronik has announced the upcoming release of Polar Bear in Space, a new Commodore 64 game by Silvan Reinhold.

The concept is simple: 

Take control of an extremely cute Polar Bear in his quest to run, jump and zap through various alien-infested levels whilst collecting krystals. 

With the appearance of a traditional space shmup only with the space fighter replaced with a polar bear, Polar Bear in Space looks freaking awesome. 

Psytronik report that the game will be available in a special collector’s edition in full colour printed glossy box featuring the game on 5.25″ floppy, graced by stunning artwork from Trevor Storey. A Premium+ edition, budget disk edition, and tape versions will be available, along with a cartridge release. The game is also compatible with The C64 Mini and Maxi models.

Here are the story details:

Polar Bear is stranded in space! Having found a nearby alien space station on his quest for home, he must now locate the secret underground transporter and collect the 99 krystals needed to operate it. Only then can he escape! Artful aliens, onerous obstacles, and tenacious terminals stand in his way. Will you and his trusted companion Snowball be able to turn the odds in his favor?

Polar Bear in Space is only available for PAL systems but also features:

  • Super-slick presentation
  • Incredibly cute main character
  • Combined platforming and space shooting action
  • Superb soundtracks
  • Support for keyboard and two/three-button (POTX/POTY) controllers

A release date is yet to be announced – head to Psytronik to learn more.

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