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PocketGo S30 Handheld Unveiled

Last Updated on May 29, 2024

Featuring SNES like D-Pad, ABXY and Start/Select buttons, the PocketGo S30 is a Chinese-built handheld gaming system that can play PS1, PSP, MAME, Dreamcast, and SNES titles.

Believed to feature an A33 ARM Cortex-A7 chip with four 1.2Ghz cores and a Mali400 MP2 GPU, prototypes have 512MB of RAM. The display is a 3.5-inch IPS with 480×320 pixel resolution. A proprietary operating system is running on the PocketGo S30, with game ROMs can be added via USB or by ejecting the microSD card. The device also has a USB-C port and can be connected to Windows PCs.

Full list of emulators:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • GBA
  • GB
  • GBC
  • PS1
  • PSP
  • Master System
  • Mega Drive (Genesis)
  • Dreamcast
  • Neo Geo
  • MAME

RRP is expected to be $69.99. Check the video above for a more complete look at the PocketGo S30 handheld.

(Via Obscure Handhelds)

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