Pixel Addict 20

Pixel Addict 20 and the golden age of gaming

Last Updated on May 1, 2024

It’s time to buy a physical computer magazine again with the arrival of Pixel Addict issue 20.

This time, the classic computing mag looks at social and political themes in old video games, with a bunch of guest contributions. Games such as Monty Mole, Skidz, SimCity and EcoQuest are included, alongside interactive fiction adventures Corruption, Nuclear War, Floor 13.

Why did games take on social and political undercurrents and become grittier? Pixel Addict – helped by Shaun Southern and Andrew Morris (Magnetic Fields), Terry Lloyd (Gremlin Graphics), Roberta Williams (Sierra), David J Eastman (Virgin Interactive) and Jon Hare (Sensible Software) – tell us!

Here’s the cover art:

Also in Pixel Addict 20 you will find:

  • Classic computer hardware: Philips Videopac G7000, Victor 2HR and Amstrad PC1640.
  • The story of Hudson Soft and the TurboGrafx-16.
  • THE400 Mini – Atari and Retro Games Ltd’s new mini console reviewed
  • Classic gaming with Sega Rally 2, SimTower: The Vertical Empire
  • Doctor Who video games retrospective (check out Kasterborous Magazine for more Doctor Who games)
  • The best multiplayer games to enjoy in the company of friends in the same room.
  • The Most Relaxing Video Games book reviewed.
  • Everyone remembers the Double Dragon games franchise , but do you remember the movie?
  • Interview with new indie game Bullion’s creator, Ben Pritchard of Leda Entertainment.
  • Four PCs And A Funeral: How a personal loss led to a computing challenge!
  • All the usual news, vintage toy collectables and Homebrew Heroes games section, and more.

Issue 20 of Pixel Addict is shipping now, so grab your copy at: www.addict.media!

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