Pikmin 1 & 2 Have Landed on the Switch

Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Fans of the Pikmin series were surprised this week by the sudden announcement of the release of the first two of their classic GameCube expeditions on the Switch console.

With their growing library of classic Nintendo titles, you can now reintroduce yourself to the charming plantlike Pikmin™ via a digital bundle available now. The physical version of this strategic game will be available in September this year.

In Pikmin 1 you get to explore the strange overgrown world that Captain Olimar has crash-landed on in a bid to rebuild his spaceship. All aided by the variously coloured Pikmin.

You then get to return to this strange planet with Pikmin 2, aided by a new assistant Louie, in the hunt for its precious treasures. Again, teamed up with the Pikmin, including purple and white ones, the race against the clock is on, to pay off their employer’s debt.

The release of these means that all three Pikmin games are now playable on the Switch, although these two new additions haven’t been extensively remastered like Pikmin 3. This means they retain their GameCube visuals, but upscaled in HD, and Pikmin 2 retains its multiplayer mode.

For die-hard fans of the GameCube original, it should be noted that the songs ‘Ai no Uta’ and ‘Tane no Uta’ are not included in these games. Also certain treasures have been changed in the Mystical-Energy Series, Massive-Receptacle Series, Survival Series, Ancient-Ad Series, and Odd-Logo Series.

The games are priced at £24.99 each, or £39.99 for both in a two-game bundle.

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