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Outrun 2 Revisited in Retro Gamer 247

Last Updated on June 19, 2023

On newsstands now is Retro Gamer 247, which dedicates several pages to Outrun 2.

Developed and published by Sega in 2003, Outrun 2 is the sequel to the original OutRun game released in 1986, albeit one that ignores the existence of Turbo Outrun and Outrunners. The game features high-speed racing on various tracks with exotic landscapes and backgrounds. Players can choose from a variety of cars and compete in various modes, including time attack, checkpoint mode, and outrun mode. It was praised for its graphics, sound, and addictive gameplay. The game was later ported to Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC.

Here’s the main feature listing for Retro Gamer 247:

The Legend Lives On: 20 Years Of OutRun 2

Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett, Phil Rankin and Pete Ellacott explain how they converted Sega’s hit arcade game to Xbox, PS2, PSP and PC

The Making Of

This month we chat to Jason Kingsley about his monochromatic masterpiece Blade Warrior, learn how Clockwork Knight and its sequel reached Sega’s Saturn and discover how Turbo The Tortoise was made

Ultimate Guide

This issue we revisit David Crane’s excellent adaptation of Ghostbusters and discover if Magic Pockets by The Bitmap Brothers is still worth playing

A Tribute To Toaplan

Masahiro Yuge and Tatsuya Uemura revisit Toaplan’s many fantastic games – from Tiger-Heli and Hellfire to Flying Shark and Slap Fight

And much more, including…

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Mayhem In Monsterland, International Superstar Soccer ’98, Tingle: Unsung Hero, Matt Householder, Supervision, Star Parodier, Front Line, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, Mirror’s Edge, Homebrew

In addition, this edition features a 32-page book of 40 classic Sega arcade games. You can pick up Retro Gamer 247 now from WHSmith and various supermarkets.

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