Upgrade original Evercade firmware to play new games

Original Final Evercade Firmware Update Released

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

You’ll need this Evercade firmware update to play the latest cartridge collections.

If you own an original Evercade handheld (that is, the white and red, black and red, or purple and white device) then you might have been feeling a little left out following the recent wave of updates for the Evercade VS and EXP consoles.

Well, fear not, for your time has come. Blaze Entertainment has announced a new update for the first generation Evercades, which brings as many new features as the hardware can handle.

New features in firmware versions 3.0.0 for the original Evercade are as follows:

  • Coin limiter for competitive arcade gaming
  • Competition mode
  • Game statistics
  • Dynamic Rate Control (for non-standard refresh rates)
  • Optional 50Hz mode
  • Overhauled Atari emulation (old saves will be incompatible, however)
  • Typo updates
  • Graphical glitch fixes
  • Patches for Roniu’s Tale (Mega Cat Studios Collection 2) and Thunder Hoop (Gaelco Arcade 1)
  • New ellipsis menu for game options

As for new carts, the official statement is this: “Whilst we are no longer updating the original handheld, we are still testing our releases to make sure they work on version 3.0.0.” Versions 3.0.0 can therefore be considered the baseline, the firmware upon which everything works – for the time being, at least. Hotfixes may appear for severe issues, but for the original Evercade, this update is intended to be the final one.

Head to the Evercade website to get the update. The updater is available for Windows and macOS, with a Linux version arriving “soon”in the next few weeks.”

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