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NQ64 Shoreditch to Mix Cocktails and Retro Gaming

Last Updated on October 8, 2023

New NQ64 Shoreditch branch set to bring retro gaming magic to the trendy Hackney area.

The NQ64 branch of gaming bars continues to grow with its most recent branch launching in Shoreditch. This gaming bar offers retro and classic gaming spaces while you enjoy some craft beer or signature cocktails.

There are currently branches in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Soho and Newcastle, with NQ64 Shoreditch and Bristol joining in soon. How soon or exactly where is uncertain, but for those who want a rundown of the establishment, here is what to expect!

The website description reads the following: “Shoreditch Be Ready; Our Neon Soaked, Cocktail-Shaking, Button Bashing Dive Opens Soon. This One’s For The Late-night Players, Looking For A Neon Soaked Spot To Slide Into.” Generally, the bars don’t charge an entry fee with the exception of the Soho branch charging £5 after 11pm on certain days.

What to expect at NQ64 Shoreditch

The machines use a token system with prices available at the venue for 15 tokens at a time with games taking around 1-2 tokens each. Consoles are for free use in the bar as long as you buy a drink. There is also a list of games available at each venue for you to browse.

Titles include Guitar Hero Arcade, Ms. Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Time Crisis, and even physical consoles, like the Nintendo GameCube.

What is the NQ64 dress code?

Note that while there is no strict dress code, you shouldn’t turn up to play retro games in your joggers, tracksuits, or sport shorts. Dress smart-casual for trouble-free access, and trainers are okay. Note that your entry is at the discretion of the management, and entry is limited to over 18s only.

The bars are generally 18+ with some exceptions with timings, you can read more about the ins and outs of NQ64 on their website. Things may be different for the Shoreditch branch once opened. The social retro gaming experience is continuing to grow in the UK!

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