Time to update your Nintendo 3DS

Now Is the Time to Update Your Nintendo 3DS

Last Updated on June 10, 2023

A Nintendo 3DS update has been released, and the firmware is available to istall on your handheld console now.

Nintendo have released a new update (Version 1.17.0-50U) which deters homebrew exploits for the 3DS. This update landed on 23 May as a total surprise to 3DS users. With the 3DS discontinuing its production in September 2020 and the recent eShop closure earlier this year in March, you would think that was it for official 3DS updates.

But it seems Nintendo is still on its case.

Nintendo’s rather broad explanation states that the update has provided “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”. In other words, it reduces the ability to use and download homebrew software on the console. However, if you happened to download custom firmware onto the console before installing update, it should be completely fine as reported on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord.

Impact of the Nintendo 3DS update

This online 3DS hacking guide outlines reported and archived hacks, many of which have been affected by the new update. Criteria of the installed update can vary by region and 3DS model. New systems still have access to hacking methods such as super-skaterhax in select Europe and Japan regions. As explained by the Nintendo Homebrew Discord, US consoles will have this patched.

Older models of the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS only has access to hacking pathways via a DSiWare title that is or was downloadable to the console. A very useful guide has been created to establish what methods still work and which do not. The Discord group also states that older 3DS systems are “not currently expected to have a free-software-only exploit”.

Nintendo continue to make it more difficult for their consoles to be tampered with and who knows how long they will spend and how far they will go to patch their previous hardware.

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