Nintendo emulators updated despite Yuzu

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

It has been a bad few weeks for Nintendo emulation, but even though Yuzu is no more, other Nintendo emulators are issuing new updates.

Primarily, the Nintendo Wii U emulator Cemu has been updated; there is also news of a new version of ES-DE (formerly Emulation Station Desktop Edition), which removes Yuzu support but adds 3DS emulation.

What’s new in Cemu 2.0-72?

Cemu was first released in 2015, initially for Windows, but now offers builds for Linux and macOS. Steam Deck (which runs Linux by default) is also supported by Cemu.

Changes to Cemu in the latest release include:

  • Improved Vulkan support
  • Runs in Linux as well as macOS and Windows
  • Improved support for running on Steam Deck

Cemu currently runs over 50% of the Wii U library without problem, another 20% or so with glitches. This includes games with NFC peripherals, such as Lego Dimensions. You can download Cemu from the website.

Changes in ES-DE 3.0.1

Most obvious among the changes to ES-DE with versiob 3.0.1 is the removal of Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator forcibly closed by legal action recently.

The former Emulation Station has been given a selection of new features, including Android 10 support. With this functionality, you can enjoy improved retro gaming on an Android phone or tablet. However, this also means that TV boxes and SBCs capable of running Android 10 can benefit from the suite of emulators in ES-DE 3.0.1. Support for Android USB storage has also been added.

Also new is the Panda3DS emulator for Nintendo 3DS games, and support for new RetroArch cores – these are alternatives to existing emulator cores, and include Snes9x 2005 and Beetle SuperGrafx. There is also Geolith, an alternative to NeoGeo and arcade cores.

Check the ES-DE GitHub for change details, and go to the ES-DE website to learn more about the platform.

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