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Ninja JaJaMaru: The Lost RPGs

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

Out on February 21st, 2023 is Ninja JaJaMaru: The Lost RPGs, a compilation of JRPGs issued in the West for the first time courtesy of ININ Games.

Featuring retro Japanese graphics, Ninja JajaMaru: The Lost RPGs features two titles:

  • Ninja JaJaMaru: Ninja Skill Book
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: The Legend of the Golden Castle

Both games put you in control of Ninja JaJaMaru in his quest to bring peace to the land with the help of his trust ninja tools…

Ninja JaJaMaru: Ninja Skill Book

The first RPG in the JaJaMaru series, this was released in 1989 on the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom. Initially released as JaJaMaru Ninpou Chou, it has never been given an English language release before now.

Ninja JaJaMaru: The Legend of the Golden Castle

This title was released in 1990 on the NES/Famicom system. It’s original Japanese title is Ninja JaJaMaru: Gekimadenn – Maboroshi no Kinmajou and this is the first time it has been issued in English.

One of three Ninja JaJaMaru collections currently on ININ Games schedule (thanks to its partnership with City Connection), this collection will be available on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (£9.99).

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