Sega Dreamcast, the king of Sega consoles

New Sega and Atari games you can play now

Homebrew developers are endlessly working on creating new games for classic platforms. In this round-up, we’ve got news of new SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis games. SEGA Dreamcast and the Atari XL/XE also get a mention…

New SEGA games

The Cursed Legacy is a new run-and-gun for SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

Following up the previously issued The Cursed Knight from Broke Studio and GGS Studio Creation comes The Cursed Legacy (cover art). The game is currently in the testing stage, which includes running the prototype cartridges on real hardware.

YouTuber Generational Gamer has taken a look at The Cursed Legacy.

It looks as though like the first game, The Cursed Legacy will be published through Broke Studio.

Fan built Star Wars game for SEGA Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is getting a lot of love these days, so it should be no surprise to find an unofficial Star Wars game has been developed. Developed by Frogbull, the project utilized assets from various Star Wars games including Rogue Squadron on the N64, and Star Wars: Battefront.

Here’s a look at Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion:

Learn more about the game in Frogbull’s Patreon (before Disney do a Nintendo).

Space Hunter is a redesigned Super Metroid port for SEGA Mega Drive

Back in September 2023 we told you about a new fan-built Super Metroid port for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis. In an attempt to avoid legal issues, the project is now called Space Hunter.

Developers MD ROM Test and GameDevBoss shared this tweet confirming the renaming:

Arcade classic Popeye ported to Atari XL/XE

Remember Popeye? While he seems to have gone into hiding after the Robin Williams movie 40-odd years ago, the arcade game lives on. I recall having the C64 conversion, and a cousin had the old Nintendo Game & Watch of a quite different Popeye game, but my main memory is of the arcade machine.

Available now to download is the Atari XL/XE port of the game, but while playable, it isn’t without issues, which can be seen in this AtariAge forum discussion.

This is a stunning port of the old Popeye arcade game, as demonstrated in this tweet:

You can download the game from the AtariAge forum.

We’ll be back with more new retro platform game release news soon.


This round-up was compiled thanks to stories on IndieRetroNews and TimeExtension.

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