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New Retro Kickstarter: Rocket Panda for Mega Drive/Genesis

Last Updated on February 22, 2024

More and more retro Kickstarter projects are launching to find backing for games. This latest example is worth looking at, and if successful will result in a new Mega Drive/Genesis title for digital and physical release.

Developed by Space Pants Games (industry veterans Julian Scott and Ben Everett) who are behind the Kickstarter, Rocket Panda : A Delicious Rocket Adventure has already raised £9,293 in pledges, so they’re pretty close to the £11,917 goal. With an incredible 60 levels across 7 worlds promised (there’s a Biscuit City, an Ice Cream Archipelago, Chocolate Mountains, Candy Catacombs, and others), the minimum pledge that will result in a copy of the game is Cookie Crusader, which is £12/$15 for a digital version, PDF manual, and digital game book.

The game’s description is as follows: “The evil Biscuit Head has invaded Biscuit Land, home of not just Rocket Panda but also his small furry band of Badgers. The Badgers have been kidnapped, and a menagerie of enemies have taken over the land, and it’s up to Rocket Panda to deftly fly to the rescue!”

This retro Kickstarter project has a great selection of basic gaming features promised:

  • Blast through hordes of enemies commanded by the evil Biscuit Head, such as Flying Pigs, Mines, Toasters, Tanks, UFOs, and other dangerous creatures!
  • Collect all of the biscuits for the highest score and drink tea to power up your dash move!
  • Challenge and defeat 7 Bosses in the game, including a giant Teacup, Dragon, Mega Toast, and Cheese Ball.

It sounds fun, and looks excellent. Various comments have highlighted the game’s similarities with Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension, which is one of my all-time favourite titles, and it certainly has that sort of look. There is also a heavy dose of James Pond in the graphic style too.

All in all, it looks superb! Learn more on the Rocket Panda Kickstarter.

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