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New retro games on Steam in March 2024

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

Welcome to our retro games release roundup of PC games on Steam. We’re going to attempt to cover a huge number of classic games that are currently being re-released. Some of these titles may have originally been released on MS-DOS or Windows.

Back with a Vengeance: The Best of Boomer Shooters Humble Bundle

We’ll kick off with this unmissable offer from Humble Bundle. Back With a Vengeance: The Best of Boomer Shooters features 7 classic shooters. (We used to call them first-person shooters, but the youngsters call them “boomer shooters.”)

For as little as £14.02 you can get:

  • Ultrakill
  • Turbo Overkill
  • Forgive Me Father 2
  • Deadlink
  • Prodeus
  • Quake II
  • Postal: Brain Damaged – Connoisseur Edition

The sharpest among you will have noticed that only Quake II, released 25+ years ago, is in fact a retro title (with the other 6 having been released since 2020). But it remains a great offer, an opportunity for some classic-style gaming, and by paying for what is £128.13 in value, you’re helping two charities, Child’s Play Charity and The Trevor Project.

Check the offer our on Humble Bundle. Each game can be redeemed on Steam.

Classic sci-fi FPS Marathon coming to Steam

Back in 1994, a first-person shooter called Marathon was published by Bungie. If you’ve never heard of it, this is probably because the game was released only on the classic Mac platform. (It was also issued on the Pippin multimedia system, and latterly on iOS).

In 2023 Marathon was announced as being lined up for a current gen console relaunch, so it makes sense that the classic game should get a look-in. Marathon 2’s source code was released in 1999 (as the Aleph One game engine), and the game’s assets were released by Bungie in 2005.

Put this together, and you have the imminent Bungie-approved release of Marathon for PC, via Steam, in the near future. Add Classic Marathon to your Steam wishlist – it’s listed as a free game!

SimCity 3000 is now on Steam

The last time I played an official SimCity game (Micropolis notwithstanding) was on a HP Jornada PDA. That title was SimCity 2000 (1993), and it looks as though I missed out, as I’ve just checked up on SimCity 3000 (1999) and it looks superb.

So good, in fact, that I’d recommend you grab SimCity 3000 for your PC now via Steam. The game, which includes 13 scenarios and building sets from Asia and Europe, is available for just a few quid thanks to EA re-releasing a number of classic titles (such as the Command & Conquer collection and upcoming Red Alert 2 remaster).

NOTE: if you buy SimCity 3000, grab the HD widescreen patch to improve the visuals.

Retro style FPS blends Deus Ex and Half-Life

Whenevever I hear the name “Parkside” I think of the now-demolished Middlesbrough hospital where I was born (due to complications, rather than a local village hospital). Like much of Middlesbrough’s Victorian and gothic architecture, it has been built over with concrete and pre-fabricated structures that lend an air of desperation and dystopia to the Teesside town.

Which is where Parkside: Decayed Soul Manipulation comes in. Described as a cross between Deus Ex and Half-Life, this title drops you in a dystopian Californian town in 2038. To be fair, this isn’t a classic retro game, but it is a new one, and it’s worth keeping an eye on ahead of release.

The demo for Parkside: Decayed Soul Manipulation can be found on Steam, ahead of its release later in 2024.

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn gets 3D remake

This isn’t a new retro game on Steam, but it is a revision of a classic RTS that you need to know about.

Wayyyy back in the late 1990s I bought rare double pack of two PC games: Civilization II, and Command & Conquer. It hadn’t been long since I’d played Dune II on the Amiga, and I really wanted something similar on my first PC.

As it turned out, Civilization II was the game that enticed me, not least because I found Command & Conquer difficult to view. Perhaps it was the lack of 3D-quality objects, a problem that has now been resolved with the new C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux release. (Tiberian Name is the retroactively-applied name for the original C&C game.)

The graphics in the video above look superb, and demonstrate a mod that rebuilds the original RTS game, with 40 campaign missions, improved enemy AI, new physics for weapons (like the flamethrower), destructible bridges, and enhancements to the game world, economy, and of course, those stunning graphics.

You can grab Tiberian Dawn from ModDb for free right now.

Sources for these retro games on Steam

This article was compiled thanks to articles on DSOGaming and PCGamesN.

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