New NES game Flea!2 Kickstarter fulfilled in hours, physical version available

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

Flea!2 will be available on a physical cartridge for Nintendo Entertainment System and digitally.

Flea!, the excellent retro-style platformer, is getting a sequel. Flea!2 has launched as a Kickstarter, and garnered enough backing that the £7000 target was fulfilled in hours!

Lowtek Games’ sequel to its 2020 hit – which has been on everything from Steam to Evercade – will come on NES cartridge, be playable on, and there will also be a SEGA Dreamcast version.

You play as Henry the Hyperactive Flea and pick up where you left off in Flea! with more levels and mechanics. This game will not hold back on the use of puns, so beware. Here’s a look at the trailer for Flea!2.

I you want to know more, head to the Lowtek Games itch.io page for the game where you will find a playable demo that runs in your browser.

Beware: while the game gives you 33 lives, it is quite difficult, especially on a keyboard.

Some pledge prices now: the basic Windows version is £10, while the Dreamcast disc is £15 (plus £15 P&P). The basic NES cartridge of Flea!2 is £30, the boxed cart is £50, and there is a £100 collector’s edition.

Loks great, doesn’t it? Flea!2 should be shipping in December 2024. Learn more on the project’s Kickstarter.

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