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New Evercade VS Update Rolls Out New Features

Last Updated on December 15, 2023

A host of new features have been rolled out in the latest Evercade VS update, including a turbo fire option to reduce wear and tear on buttons.

If this isn’t something you think you’ll need, don’t worry – the update for Evercade VS also offers:

  • High scores without save states
  • Gamma correction on 32-bit 3D titles
  • In-game saves (different to save states)

Gamma correction and in-game saves are considered complete features, whereas the high scores and turbo fire options are in beta.

At the time of writing, turbo fire works on 17 titles:

  1. Battle Lane Vol. 5 (Technos Arcade 1)
  2. Breakthru (Data East Arcade 1)
  3. Darwin 4078 (Data East Arcade 1)
  4. P-47: The Phantom Fighter (Jaleco Arcade 1)
  5. Saint Dragon (Jaleco Arcade 1)
  6. Battle Chopper (Irem Arcade 1)
  7. In the Hunt (Irem Arcade 1)
  8. R-Type (Irem Arcade 1)
  9. Alcon (Toaplan Arcade 1)
  10. Flying Shark (Toaplan Arcade 1)
  11. Tiger-Heli (Toaplan Arcade 1)
  12. Truxton (Toaplan Arcade 1)
  13. Zero Wing (Toaplan Arcade 1)
  14. Fireshark (Toaplan Arcade 2)
  15. Hellfire (Toaplan Arcade 2)
  16. Twin Cobra (Toaplan Arcade 2)
  17. Twin Hawk (Toaplan Arcade 2)

Meanwhile, the high score feature currently works on:

  • A01 Technos Arcade 1
  • A02 Data East Arcade 1
  • A03 Gaelco Arcade 1
  • A04 Atari Arcade 1
  • A05 Jaleco Arcade 1
  • A06 Gaelco Arcade 1
  • A07 IREM Arcade 1
  • A08 Toaplan Arcade 1
  • A09 Toaplan Arcade 2
  • A10 Piko Interactive Arcade 1
  • Evercade EXP (Built-in Capcom Titles)

A similar update is scheduled to be issued for Evercade EXP devices next week. If you own a classic Evercade, remember that this device has been retired. Acquiring these features means connecting your Evercade VS to your Wi-Fi and opening Settings > Check for update.

The update also revises the current Game of the Month title, fixes issues with the Duke Nukem carts, and various other tweaks. Find full details about the Evercade VS update on their patch notes for v3.1.2.

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