What is the Evercade Alpha?

New Evercade Alpha console teased, but what is it? [UPDATED]

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

Following speculation over the Evercade Alpha, a reveal date has been teased on the Evercade social media accounts.

Since April 30th, everyone has been wondering just what the Evercade Alpha could be. Today, at 5pm, the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the retro gaming system shared the following:

We have various possibilities as to the nature of the Evercade Alpha. Is it a controller? A super Evercade? An arcade machine?

At this point, no one knows. In 7 days’ time at 5pm, we will finally find out…

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I woke up to news of “Evercade Alpha” but is it a console or something else? At this moment in time it is nothing more than a name, and perhaps a few theoriees. According to the Google result for Evercade Alpha:

Evercade is a gaming system, available as a Handheld and as a Multiplayer Home Console, with unique multi-game cartridges from leading games publishers.

…which doesn’t tell us anything more than we already knew about Evercade. The image at the top of this article is what you see at evercade.co.uk/alpha, and speculation is rife on Reddit and Facebook about what the Alpha might be.

Further, the “Alpha” name appears on packaging for the new Evercade VS-R controller.

What is the Evercade Alpha?

What is the Evercade Alpha?

Some possibilities for the Evercade Alpha:

  • It’s a replacement for the Evercade VS, with superior resolution
  • A new mini arcade system (like the Taito Egret Mini, for example)
  • A larger arcade/bar-top system
  • A dockable handheld, akin to the Nintendo Switch
  • Is Evercade Alpha a Street Fighter Alpha VS-R or EXP-R? After all, the Capcom deal for the first wave of EXP devices has ended (hence the EXP-R)…
  • Or could the Evercade Alpha be a super-powered system with backward compatibility to run Giga Carts?

While I was initially edging towards the first option, the last one seems increasingly likely. After all, certain sacrifices were made to run Nintendo 64 classic Glover on the Evercade EXP and VS. For 32-bit consoles to enjoy accurate emulation on Evercade, it needs new hardware to replicate the visuals.

Is the Evercade Alpha compatible with existing carts?

As we don’t yet know what the Evercade Alpha is, judging compatibility is tricky.

What is known, however, is that older carts are being retired, and a new generation of high-capacity Giga Carts has been announced.

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