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5 new games for Commodore and Amiga in March 2024

Last Updated on March 23, 2024

Looking for some new Commodore 64 games? March 2024 has so far seen the release of 3 new C64 titles, an addition of a key title to the Commodore Plus/4, and a new Amiga point-and-click game is in development.

New Commodore 64 games

Chaos Engine for Commodore 64

Work has continued on Chaos Engine for the Commodore 64, with a downloadable demo and browser-play version.

This conversion of the 16-bit shooter is on of the most interesting new Commodore 64 games of recent times. Better still, you can play Chaos Engine for C64 online, or download it from CSDb.

Some feedback concerning the “floaty” (or drunk) scrolling has been addressed by the developer since the playable demo was released.

Hunchback clone Good Kniight for Commodore 64

Hunchback on the Commodore 64 didn’t look too bad, but Icon64’s Good Kniight is here, 40 years later, to show us how it should have been done.

The website blurb reads

“The great green dragon Embers has kidnapped the princess and the king is most upset with the situation. He has called upon Sir Darren of Durham, also known as the Good Kniight to set forth and rescue his daughter. With a stomach full of marmite on crumpets and 2 cups of tea Sir Darren sets out on this grand and blummin’ scary adventure”.

Here’s a look at Good Kniight in action:

You can grab this game from publisher Psytronik’s page for just $3.99, suitable for original machines and TheC64.

Commodore 64 gets port of 1981 arcade game Lock’n’Chase

Also available via an developer is Lock’n’Chase, a cops-and-robbers take on Pac-man. Lock’n’Chase was released by DECO in 1981, and had a few home ports including on the Intellivision.

The protagonist of the game is a thief named Lupin. The aim of the game is to enter a vault and collect all the coins and, if possible, any other treasure that may appear

Lock’n’Chase is available to download from the LC-Games page, where you can pay what you want for the game.

The Great Giana Sisters hits Commodore Plus/4

Notorious Nintendo-baiting platformer The Great Giana Sisters has been ported to the Commodore Plus/4 and it looks amazing! To maintain the shock factor, the game has music, despite the Plus/4 not having a SID chip (or effective equivalent).

Here’s a pre-release build in action, complete with music:

Grab a copy from Plus4 World.

Amiga gets Polish point-and-click adventure Soltys for DOS

Many classic point-and-click games were released on the Amiga in the 1980s and 1990s. It’s fair to say none of us have come across Soltys, a Polish game initially released for MS-DOS way back in 1995. A port of this game is currently in development for the Amiga 1200.

“Gameplay was prepared and recorded by the game’s author, who wishes to remain anonymous for the duration of the game’s development and completion. Soltys is an adventure computer game published by the Polish studio LK Avalon.”

The game’s author wishes to remain anonymous for now. Check out Saberman’s video:

We’ll be rounding up more new games for Commodore 64 and Amiga soon.


This roundup was compiled thanks to stories on IndieRetroNews.

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