New Atari 7800 Game A.R.T.I.

Last Updated on September 6, 2023

Here’s a nice bit of news for Atari 7800 fans (a system I appreciated far more than its predecessor). It’s been in development for some time, but is soon to go public.

As per an announcement in the AtariAge forums, A.R.T.I. will be unveiled at the upcoming Portland Retro Gaming Expo this October. The game will be available to buy, too, but if you’re not planning to be in attendance (I’m out – Oregon is quite some way from my Yorkshire backwater), A.R.T.I. will be available to buy in the AtariAge Store in November.

Check the Portland Retro Gaming Expo website for details of the event. Meanwhile, if you want to try the game out, the latest demo is available to download from the AtariAge forum.

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