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More SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 Titles Announced

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Following the news of the upcoming SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 (aka Genesis Mini 2), a further 11 titles have been announced for games that will be pre-loaded with the retro console.

These join the titles confirmed with the console’s announcement, which include Sonic HD and Virtua Fighter. Announced in early June, the SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 is essentially a redesign of the earlier SEGA Mega Drive Mini.

The second tranche of game titles includes eight Mega Drive games and three Mega CD games. The list of games is as follows:

SEGA has also announced a Cyber Stick controller for the console.

Meanwhile, some SEGA fans continue to complain over the last of a Dreamcast or Saturn mini console. Many have been directed toward the comments of SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari (the guy behind its classic hardware line) who told Famitsu (Japanese language site) that such a device isn’t currently possible.

“Some of you may say ‘this isn’t a Sega Saturn Mini’ or ‘I wanted a Dreamcast mini’, it’s not that we didn’t think about that direction… The development of new boards has been stagnant due to the Coronavirus and, of course, it would be a fairly expensive product in terms of cost.”

Yosuke Okunari

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 and the Cyber Stick controller are both released on October 27th 2022 in Japan, with European and North America release dates TBC.

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