Metroid Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

The Japanese version of the Nintendo Switch Online app has been found to have screenshots from Metroid: Zero Mission. These images noticed by LuigiBlood on Twitter were hiding in the Metroid Fusion folder within the app.

The posted images highlight the ‘link’ screen from Zero Mission, detailing instructions for linking the game to GBA’s Fusion. With the addition of the GBA library to NSO + Expansion Pass, it has sparked speculation that Zero Mission may be landing on the app sometime in the future.

Further research by LuigiBlood provides additional clues and evidence that NSO intend to have link cable compatibility. All GB/GBA titles on NSO showcase instructions for link cable support, namely MarioKart Super Circuit which is already playable on the service.

It has been proved multiple times by dataminers that the link cable does indeed work with the GBA NSO service, notably with Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen, two games of which are not currently on the service. The link cable compatibility has not been officially announced but if Metroid: Zero Mission did launch on the service, there could be a possibility.

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