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Mega Final Fight Demo Released, Looks Better Than SNES Version

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

The classic beat-em-up game, Final Fight, is making its way to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console! Initially released as an arcade title in 1989 by Capcom and ported to Super Nintendo in 1991, this definitive version of the side-scrolling action game allows fans to experience the thrill of taking out gangs of thugs on the streets of Metro City.

In the original Final Fight, players choose from three playable characters—Cody, Guy, and Haggar—each with their own unique special attacks and moves. The aim is to battle your way through levels filled with enemies, take advantage of pickups like weapons and health items to survive, and ultimately face-off against the game’s final boss.

The YouTube video of this Mega Final Fight demo is accompanied with the following notes:

Mega Final Fight: This is a game made from scratch for SEGA Mega Drive

This video shows the testing of Cody in Arcade mode and Maki in Mega Drive mode game mode on rounds 1 and 2.

Be aware this is a WIP (Work In Progress), bugs are to be expected, which include imprecise character movements and inconsistent enemy behavior. Changes will happen in the future, be it in graphics, gameplay or other features.

The emulator used is Retroarch with Genesis Plus GX core + 60% filter + Nuked YM2612.

Now, you may well be thinking: “wasn’t there a version of Final Fight for the SEGA CD?” And you would of course be correct. But it’s not the game it could have been, a problem the MXRetroDev team is aiming to resolve.

Involved with the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Final Fight port are Edmo Caldas (musician and composer), Master Linkuei (ripping, tricks, tech support, color management, general graphics support), and Mauro Xavier (developer and graphics enhancements).

Download the Mega Final Fight Cody demo.


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