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Make Your Own Zelda With Quest Master

Can Quest Master fulfil your urge to build 16-bit style top-down adventures?

The closest we’ve ever gotten to an official ‘Zelda Maker’ was the dungeon builder mini-game within The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. However, an indie game development studio have decided to give their own spin, with a full game that revolves around this dungeon building mechanic.

Skydevilpalm and Apogee Entertainment (origial Duke Nukem developers) have announced their upcoming title during the Guerrilla Collective just last week. Titled Quest Master, this game is charmingly reminiscent of 2D Zelda classics like A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap with that retro 16-bit art style, combat, and dungeon chambers. Quest Master is set to launch on Steam Early Access in the next few months with its status on its Steam page as ‘Coming Soon’. The game is also looking to make its way to the Nintendo Switch once it’s in version 1.0.

Apogee have shared some information about the game and what to expect:

“Craft a legendary journey from scratch with an intuitive level creator to make simple dungeons and overworld-connected quests in this faithful pixel art love letter to top-down action JRPG classics of yesteryear. Drag-and-drop dozens of themed design tiles onto a blank canvas to create lava-filled caverns, mountainous overworlds, grassy forests, desert dunes, and more. Provide instructions for the quest ahead or design an epic narrative full of placeable NPCs and customizable signs with a plethora of dialogue options.

“The journey is as easy or as difficult as the creator wishes. Invent patience-testing experiences or entire quests with multiple biomes, bosses, and side missions. Place enemy spawn points in strategic locations to create challenging dungeons (that can lock upon entry!) before concocting the perfect puzzle with the ideal amount of flaming traps, levers, timed switches, and invisible chests.”

Quest Master is gearing up to be a game for casual puzzle enjoyers and hardcore dungeon crawlers alike. The creative freedom is in the hands of the player and we can’t wait to see what dungeon creations players come up with!

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