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M5Stack Reveals First Glimpse At MSX0 Modular Handheld Computer

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

M5Stack recently tweeted a couple of screenshots of the MSX0 and a control panel resembling the original GameBoy.

If you’ve never heard of M5Stack, they specialize in modular computer technology, creating devices for almost anything you can imagine! Browsing their website is like sifting through a space-age shopping center, and you can find everything from self-balancing robot kits to AI cameras.

The device in the image above looks like a scientific calculator or a PDQ machine, but each piece can be swapped to fill the user’s needs. Naturally, this gives the MSX0 applications far beyond the realms of gaming, but it’s cool to think that once you’ve finished your work, you can slide on a control panel and Boom! Who’s up for some The Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening?

We don’t know what impact the MSX0 will make in the gaming space, but browsing the M5Stacks Twitter page, you can see dozens of clever ways this modular tech is used.

Take this National Rail departure board, for example!

There’s quite a market for handheld gaming consoles right now with the Evercade and open-source devices like the Anbernic RG35XX. Maybe the MSX0 will eventually join the ranks.

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