“Lost” Garbage Pail Kids Game Heading to Console, PC… and NES!

Last Updated on June 1, 2024

Garbage Pail Kids sticker trading cards were immensely popular in 1985 upon release.

Their creators, Topps, have launched new sets of the cards in recent times as well as even a movie in 1987 and a television series.

This has led them to announce a new Garbage Pail Kids game set to release on NES consoles as well as other platforms.

It has been named Garbage Pail Kids: The Quest for Mad Mike and The Quest for Stale Gum.

This trailer delves deeper into the development of this game, how it failed to release sooner and the mystery behind why “the game never showed up.”

Retrotainment claim that “the game was done” and due to controversy at the time and its questionable suitability for kids of that era it failed to be released and approved by Nintendo.

The only Garbage Pail Kids game to be released was Garbage Pail Kids: The Game released on the Google Play store for Android devices and published by Reliance Games.

This new (old) game will be in classic 8-bit style and feature four playable characters as well as exclusive features and bonus content available on the digital edition.

You will be able to purchase Garbage Pail Kids: The Quest for Mad Mike and The Quest for Stale Gum digitally on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Switch as well as Playstation and Xbox consoles. It is slated for release on October 25th for an estimated $10.

Image of the NES cartridge Limited Edition version of Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike and the Quest for Stale Gum (via iam8bit)

A NES cartridge limited edition will also be available. Priced at a bubble gum-popping $79.99 it will come in two colour variants and ship alongside four playing cards of the Garbage Pail Kids featured in the game itself as well as an instruction booklet and Steam download code.

These are set to ship in 2023 and with 4,000 available, you can preorder now at iam8bit if you want to be one of the lucky few!

If you want to receive further updates for the game and news about it, sign up at gpkgame!


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