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Lara Croft Stars in Pixel Addict #18

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

Two of my favourite things – retro computer magazines and Lara Croft – are combining in issue 18 of Pixel Addict, out in early February.

Available to pre-order now, Pixel Addict #18 not only sports Lara Croft on the cover, she is the focus of the mag’s main feature, which looks at the original trio of games and how Tomb Raider spearheaded a cultural phenomenon that broke down barriers in gaming. The new edition also features a chat with RGL’s Paul Andrews about the upcoming release the Atari THE400 Mini console.

Issue 18 of this retro computer magazine also includes:

  • Curious Video Game Machines book review.
  • The rise and fall of company Palm Inc, along with an overview of competing PDA products of the 90s.
  • Steve Cottam of Antstream Arcade reveals his plans for the premier streaming service for classic games fans.
  • Rare vintage computers including the Panosonic JR-200U.
  • Matthew Smith looks back at the 2008 movie Max Payne and considers how it holds up today.
  • Acorn computer collecting with Andrew Hutchings.
  • Old 80s collectors toys, this month we feature Action Force and Baron Ironblood.
  • Roving reporter Andrew Siddall visits RetroCollective, to interview Neil Thomas of Retro Man Cave and Alex Crowley of Arcade Archive.
  • We take a spicy trip to Arrakis to learn why the original Dune computer game was so special.
  • Our NES Assembly Programming series continues with controller input coding.
  • Funspot: the world’s largest arcade!
  • The Greatest Classic Games Machine (Part 2).
  • Regulars such as News, Simon Butler and Homebrew Heroes, and lots more..!

Available to pre-order now (£6.50+shipping), you can expect Pixel Addict 18 to drop onto your doormat on February 8th, just in time for you to add it to your already growing collection of retro computer magazines.

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