Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Joins GBA Library on Nintendo Switch

Last Updated on October 8, 2023

As of last week, the Nintendo Switch’s Game Boy Advance library received its latest update with the application itself now in Version 1.4.0. Friday 29th September saw the launch of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror as the newest addition to the GBA library, with Japan receiving the same title.

Originally released in 2004 by HAL Labratory, the game now allows for both local and online play for co-op mode where you can play as red, yellow and green Kirby clones, and of course the one and only pink Kirby!

Here’s how Nintendo have explained the game:

“In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror there is not just one Kirby but four, as the powerful pink hero becomes split into differently coloured copies of himself! A quick call on Kirby’s mobile phone brings the others to his aid; together they must restore harmony to Dream Land. A fun-packed adventure awaits in the main game, while wacky minigames are the icing on the multi-coloured cake!”

This game is available to play now for those who are subscribed with Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack.

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