Retroid Pocket Vertical leak

Is this the Retroid Pocket Vertical Handheld?

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Recent images distributed on the internet display potential design leaks for a Retroid Pocket vertical handheld.

Boasting a mustard gold colour and a structure that’s not too far off what a Game Boy Color looks like, it’s uncertain if this is an official release from GoRetroid (despite the design initially being found on the Retro Handhelds discord channel by user, Roland).

Firstly let’s address what the images actually show. With a mustard/gold design and black buttons, this design does not shy away from looking very similar to a GBC with the battery storage and additional grip comfort. Although located at the top of the device, the start and select buttons look very much the same as the GBC’s.

There are action buttons, four triggers at the back, and some digital joysticks reminiscent of the Clamshell Handheld concept leaks and Retroid Pocket 2+. It has a suspected IR port at the top which may be the power button due to the absence of one anywhere else on the device. It also features a micro HDMI out, an SD slot along with two USB-C ports.

It seems that this device may also be able to play libraries of games beyond Game Boy. It will at least play games from the 64 bit era and potentially beyond including PSP, Dreamcast, N64, Playstation 1. Either way its important to remember that these are all speculations and the leaked images might not ever materialise. But looking at concepts and designs can only make you wonder what these devices are capable of!


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