Ipswich retro arcade Blast from the Past moves to new location

Ipswich retro arcade Blast from the Past moves to new location

Last Updated on April 1, 2024

The Blast from the Past arcade boasts 40 consoles, over 800 games, a VHS player and even a 1960s television.

If you’re in Suffolk or the wider East Anglia region, you might know about Blast from the Past. It’s an Ipswich-based retro arcade has recently moved to new premises. Its owner Allister Frost, has chatted with Suffolk News about the arcade and the move.

A former Microsoft employee, Allister first opened the arcade on Beach Street in Felixstowe in August 2023. The new premises in Carr Street’s Microshops units opened in late March, and features a range of classic systems. Among them are an Atari 2600, Sega Mega Drive, original PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and a ZX Spectrum.

As you may know, retro arcades are popping up all around the UK right now; we reported on a new classic gaming centre in Bristol last Sepember.

Why did Blast from the Past move?

Speaking about the move, Allister says:

“We get people in who perhaps haven’t played some of these games for decades and they bring their children and share these moments with them. I think the Microshops are a great location and Ipswich probably has 10 times the gamers as Felixstowe and a far larger population.”

So, what can you expect if you drop in on Blast from the Past? “We have about 40 consoles,” says Allister, “and more than 800 games for people to enjoy, with more to come, and the new location offers us room to expand. Any collector can tell you that some retro games are getting pricey and I want to be able to offer them at an affordable rate.”

A VHS viewing space is also provided, and there is also a 1969 CRT television! The arcade is designed to appeal to anyone looking for a neutral, therapeutic space.

Access to the arcade is per session, or a monthly subscription can be set up. If you’re among the first 100 customers you can pay just £10 per month. Head to Blast from the Past to meet Allister, check out the massive library, and have a retro gaming session.

(Suffolk News/Allister Frost)

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